Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Waldorf Inspired Acorn Calendar

There are so many beautiful Waldorf inspired calendars that I have come across both in magazines and online.

Like this one:
waldorf school calendar, homeschool, oak meadow

And this one: 
Today while AG and I were setting up her seasonal table for winter, I thought it would be so nice for her to have a calendar similar to the ones pictured above but not quite as involved. So with just a dozen of saved acorns, some paint, a small plate and some table salt we made this! 

waldorf school calendar, homeschool, oak meadow, acorns, painted

What you'll need:
  • twelve acorns
  • acrylic paint 
  • table salt 
  • a dish of your liking 
  • a sentiment for the center
How to make it:

Paint your acorns the colors that you think are appropriate for the months of the year where you live and work your way counterclockwise around rainbow.  I started with a deep green for March and ended with a bright blue for February.  When your acorns have dried, pour some table salt on a dish to keep the acorns from rolling around and place them in the order which you desire.  Finally, place your sentiment in the center of the circle.  

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