Sunday, December 29, 2013

Its the Holiday whoopty doo and dickery doc....

As 2013 comes to an end... thankfully, 2014 brings promise for hopefully a much better year.  Without going into too much detail, it has been a very difficult year for our family. Mainly with Emily's Grandfather now in Hospice care with each coming day of uncertainty and her Uncle dealing with cancer which was found this year in the form of a lump on his neck.  Emily herself had heart surgery last May which was also very stressful, but fortunately went well.

backyard chicken coop, snow, christmas, chickens, winter
The chickens have been spending much of this winter inside their coop. 
 Besides these few major events, there has been numerous others that life has thrown at us and really deserve no mention. I mean aren't the Holidays for just being merry, spending time with family and appreciating what you have? In that case we have a lot to appreciate.

The day after Thanksgiving this year, as has been tradition, we joined my brother and sister in law in picking out the "perfect tree".  The day after that, I received my early Christmas present in the form of a fury ball of dog we named Lola. She is a Victorian Bulldog and has complimented Beckman greatly.  

Victorian bulldog, icefishing, winter, snow, harness, vexilar
My new baby Lola out doing some ice fishing with me!

victorian bulldog, puppy, kids, temperament, lazy, good
Our daughter Autumn Grace napping with Lola our Victorian Bulldog pup.
Christmas Eve is usually spent with Emily's family at her moms house, but this year everyone decided last minute it would be more appropriate for us to host it and relieve some stress from her mom.  We had a wonderful time.  Appetizers were served and roast beef sandwiches were the main dish.  We all drank too much egg nog and wine. Emily's parents decided to spend the night, and that was a Christmas present in itself for the kids.  

Christmas morning was snowy and bright.  My family joined us around 10 a.m. for our annual Christmas morning feast which included a ham I roasted on the grill, Emilys famous french toast casserole, my moms breakfast strata and a few other little extras.  The kids were spoiled as were the dogs, and I became a terrible host after we ate. I decided to  kick back in the lazy boy while everyone finished eating and accidentally passed out for about an hour.  
Luckily no one seemed to miss me. HAHA
Grandpa watching Devin do the " Christmas morning dance"

The plan for New Years eve is pretty simple.  My family will join us and all will participate in board games, a little drink, and a lot of eating... well isn't this the last chance before we all start our diets!?!?

Cheers & Happy Holidays!


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