Tuesday, December 3, 2013

FREE Arithmetic Village Books Download

To celebrate their one year anniversary, Arithmetic Village is offering he downloadable version of their books for… FREE! Simply follow the link below and sign up for their free newsletter! But what is Arithmetic Village you ask?

From the Arithmetic Village website:

Polly Plus collects jewels slowly and methodically.
Linus Minus is carefree and loses jewels.
Tina Times is impatient and quick, she adds jewels in groups.
King David Divide is fair and equitable, he shares jewels between villagers, if there is a remainder they go to his little dog, Rover.

Purchase the five short rhyming books, create a treasure chest (math kit) and practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division!

Children then pretend to be different characters and play games and activities offered on this website and Arithmetic Village’s Pintrest page. 
Introducing math creatively helps to develop a deep understanding of core concepts, and supports a lifelong love for learning.

Click HERE to download your FREE books!!

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