Thursday, November 28, 2013

December 2013: Click-a-Day Photo Challenge

I have wanted to create a monthly photo challenge for over a year now and I finally sat down this morning and did it!  For those that have never done a photo challenge, it is simple. Each month there will be a new list, every day you take a photo using the list to inspire you and if you would like, share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram. That's it!   The photos you take as a result of just a word or two of inspiration will amaze you.  These challenges are great for sparking creativity!

Welcome to the Click-a-Day Photo Challenge! 
 For those that have never participated in a photo challenge, it is simple! 

The Unofficial Rules:
  • Each month there will be a list.  
  • Every day you will take a photo using the list to inspire you.
  • After you have "clicked," post your photo to Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram using the hashtag #clickadaychallenge
  • Happy clicking! 

To see other participants photos, simply click or search using the hashtag #clickadaychallenge 

If you would like a daily reminder, you can sign up for our "Click-A-Day Photo Challenge" Google Calendar. Google Calendar ID:

Challenge begins December 1st 2013! Can't wait! 

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