Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First Day Of School Photo Ideas

Our first baby is starting Kindergarden in less than three weeks.  She has been home with Kevin and I for almost six years and the time has finally come to send her off into the big world.  How cliche to say, but it happened way too fast.  I'm nervous.  I'm not quite sure how to feel about handing our child over to an almost complete stranger where she will spend the majority of her life for the next nine months.  How will our lives change?  How will she change?  I know she will do great, in fact she's so sick of being home with us that she is really looking forward to the change and is eagerly counting down the days.  Me? Not really.  As much as I wish I could slow down time, I know that I can't and that is why pictures have always been so important to me.  This is a big day for our little one and the morning of her first day I will want to spend as little time as possible behind the camera and as much time as possible seeing her off for her first big day at school *tear!* Anyway, I did some Pinterest searching and found a few ideas that I am definitely going to keep in mind for the morning of.  Stay tuned for the final product and an update to see if I made it through the day in one piece!

First Day Of School Photo Ideas
Using a blackboard, write the date and what your child wishes to be when they grow up.  See how things change as the years go on! Photo Credit
First Day Of School Photo Ideas
Take a picture of your child on the first day of school.  Print and frame the photo and have your child hold the picture on their last day of school.  Photo Credit
First Day Of School Photo Ideas
Have you child hold a blank piece of paper on the first and last day of school and photoshop the dates for a cleaner look.  Photo Credit
First Day Of School Photo Ideas
Have your child hold a framed blackboard and write the grade your child is entering in chalk. Photo Credit
First Day Of School Photo Ideas
Have your child pose on the first day and the last day of school in the same outfit.
Photo Credit

I love all of these ideas but think I will use the third idea with the little girl holding the blank piece of paper and photoshopping the information onto the photo.  This way I can add any information that I may have forgotten!

Are there any special photos you take to remember your child's first (and possibly last) day of school?  

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  1. Thanks for the very very good idea!
    We took a great pic of our daughter for her first day at school!
    During the Summer she repeatedly told us that she wants to be a farmer when grown up. So we immortalized that idea on the pic.
    A few days later, she asks: "When are we going to learn to milk the cows?"
    - she's almost 3!

    Side effect of your website: it's now possible that one day we hear chickens in our garden ;-)

    Jerome, Paris, France


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