Sunday, June 2, 2013

Whats "growing on" during the last week of May....

We began this week remembering those who had lost their lives fighting for our freedoms.  Emily and I both, come from families that have had many fighting men and women who have served in various branches of the armed forces and we are very grateful for them......  
USMC Platoon 1107 San Diego, Calfornia MCRD
Author Kevin McGrath circa:1997
I myself "did a little time" as a Marine and can relate to how much sacrifice is necessary to keep our beloved country free.  As a matter of fact, on this date (June 2nd) almost 20 years ago, I placed my feet on the ground where so many have before me and swore an oath and committed to those sacrifices. 
Most of us know of, or have had someone close to them who have lost their life in battle.  
As the saying goes about all service men and women: 

"All gave some - but some gave all".

Some of the brave men I had the privilege of knowing.

Most families and friends spent this past week barbecuing, partying or just enjoying the time off of work. Memorial Day does "earmark" the beginning of summer. I can only hope you have, as my family has, taken the time to remember those who have been lost and reflected a little bit on your own life and the privileges you have. 

brindle boxer and girl
Emily & Beckman 
(left to right) Autumn, Devin & Me

One of the greatest privileges I have, is being with my family and having the time to garden.  See for me being in the garden is more than just growing beautiful flowers or the biggest of vegetables.  It is more like therapy and a place where I can escape to and leave all my worries behind.  

Autumn Grace

There is nothing I enjoy more than to walk our very small piece of earth and witness the beauty of the plants we have growing.  This is my time to reflect on life and the decisions I have made.  

I hope you enjoy our walk... 



5 color swiss chard garden
5 color swiss chard

"Autumn Joy" sedum
"Autumn Joy" sedum

burning bush leaves
Burning bush

celery raised garden box

Raspberry bushes side garden bed
Raspberry bushes

red and white Potted tea rose
Potted tea rose

yellow and white iris side border garden

Tomato plants raised garden boxes roma
Tomato plants

Raspberry blossoms
Raspberry blossoms

Pansies in window flower box
Pansies in window box
Pansy and coleus flowers in window box
Pansy and coleus flowers in window box

Herb Sage flowers in bloom
Herb Sage flowers in bloom

Zebra ornamental grass by sidewalk
Zebra ornamental grass
Our Front Porch


storm clouds antioch il
storm clouds

boxer dog chasing bubbles
Beckman enjoying his bubbles.

Cheers ~ Kevin



  1. Glad I found your blog. Enjoyed the "walk." The pansies are beautiful!
    Thank you for your service to our country!

    1. You are so welcome, and thanks for "joining" me! :)


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