Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Luck with Growing Green Arrow peas

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Green Arrow Peas garden bed, flower, pea pod.
The weather this Spring has been a little crazy.  We just recently experienced some nasty winds that blew through our area and had lasted just long enough to do a little bit of damage to some of our gardens. Fortunately it didn't completely ruin everything but that is part of a gardeners life: Dealing with the unexpected.

Last year was so hot, so early, I had a terrible time trying to grow one of my favorite vegetables.  Green arrow peas are "usually" one of the easiest to grow but for some reason I haven't had much luck.   So you can understand the joy I had this morning when I went out and saw some pods hanging from the vines!  I have another area in the yard which I plan on sowing a different variety of pea there and hope it goes well. 

Cheers ~ Kevin


  1. I had no idea how pretty the pea plant was. I'm glad you were able to get them growing for you again :-)

  2. Happy to hear about the peas ... I did not have such luck .. we had 4 straight days of 90+ temps and the few I had planted (I dont eat many peas), got wiped out ... on a brighter note though, the tomatoes are doing fantastic because of the heat


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