Thursday, May 9, 2013

Get 'em while the gettin' is good! Free seed flats and pots at a store near you!

Alright as the saying goes, it isn't stealing if they are throwing it away and you ask permission to take.  As so many people rush to their local garden centers and buy up all kinds of vegetables and flowers, they are leaving behind a very valuable resource.  And your closest friends and family?!? They are even more guilty.  But you need to take action. Now while you can! haha

  Dear friends and family, 
 YOU ARE NOW PUT ON NOTICE! When you are finished planting all of your veggies and annuals, save me the trays and 4" pots. Please......  

Free seed and flower pots and trays

Free seed and flower pots and trays

Grab what you can and keep for next year.  If you can, save some for your fellow gardeners.  Do not let these babies end up in some landfill. ugh...

Free seed and flower pots and trays
Cucumber seedlings in some freebie 4" pots

Just this year, I nabbed some 4" inch pots from my brother before he threw them out and used them to start some cucumbers.  After they are planted out in the garden, I'll use them probably 5 more times.  Re-use, Reduce, Recycle.

Cheers ~ Kevin


  1. We have thyme as a decorative plant under our front trees. Looks great, smells great.

  2. Our Home Depot here throws these away. I am constantly asking for them. I think I have become a hoarder of them as now I have so many. More then I will ever need ... lol

    1. Just saw this Mike and I know exactly what you mean by hoarding them!


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