Saturday, March 30, 2013

Homemade Orange Cleaner

I have come across the recipe for homemade orange cleaner over and over again and I have tried and tried to save the peels of the oranges that we eat but have NEVER been successful in saving enough.  I end up tossing them.  Defeat.  I started juicing again a few weeks ago and while I was standing in the kitchen pealing dozens of oranges it dawned on me....this is my opportunity to finally make this amazing concoction!

So this is really easy. Put a ton of orange peels in a large mason jar, doing your best to fill it up to the top.  Then, pour white vinegar over the top of the oranges, filling it to the brim. Seal it up, tuck it away and allow the orange peels to marinate in the vinegar for as long as you possibly can stand it.  I have read that you should let it sit for at least a month but have also read that you're good to go in two weeks.    I have three of these jars made and still have a week (three if I can make it to the one-month mark) left before I can try this orange gold out!  When the time is up you pour the liquid into a spray bottle and clean away!  I will update as soon as have tried this out on everything I own :)


  • You can reuse the original orange peels an addition two times by repeating the process!
  • When your vinegar seems to get a little low during the marinating process, you can top it off.  
  • You can also use lemon or grapefruit peels (will have to try this!! 


  1. Hi, I have made this excellent home made cleaner. I collect the peels whenever oranges are about, and if I have too many I freeze the extra ones for thenext batch I make. also I have now found the perfect use for all my son's empty Protein powder containers. They are now full of marinating Gold :)
    Regards Annie

  2. If you're using no-gmo oranges that are completely natural and pesticide free then the peels will not last for 2 more goes. After the marinading process the peels will start to change colour and start going opaque and you will need to throw them out as they will start to smell and go mouldy if you don't. I've been making this spray for 3 years now, after copying a store bought version called "orange power", it was expensive so I made my own. I've seen some recipes on the web suggesting to add bicarb soda(baking soda) into the bottle and shake it when ever you need to use it. DON'T ever do this. It fizzes up immediately and can explode and what you're left with is almost nothing of the liquid. It's a better idea to sprinkle the soda onto the surface you wish to clean and then spray over the top with the orange spray and leave it to sit. It will fizz up but don't touch it. It's a good way to clean ceramic cooktops that are hard to clean and prone to burnt on stains.


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