Friday, March 8, 2013

Garden "Seeds of the Month Club" from Mike The Gardener

This year started out to be a busy one and already I have fallen way behind on my posts, but ya gotta start somewhere. Recently OLC partnered with a new sponsor, and let me just say Christmas came...well.. again! I want to throw a special shout out and thank you to Mike The Gardener Enterprises for sending me an envelope containing a wide variety of vegetable seeds to try. Awesome!

mike the gardener enterprises urban gardening seed of the month backyard greenhouse

Mike The Gardener has organized a simple and easy to use "Seed of the Month Club" and quite frankly, if you buy seeds at the store, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

$3.09 a month gets you:

-8 packs of quality non GMO seeds the first month
-4 packs each additional month which includes shipping
-online support
-25% discount and free shipping on items in the online store
-and you get to support a company right here in the USA!

mike the gardener enterprises urban gardening seed of the month backyard greenhouse organic non gmo
A surprise package of seeds every month is awesome.

Seriously this is a lot of gardening fun. I received some seeds I would have probably never bought myself in the store but now will give them a go just for fun. This club is like a surprise in your mail box every month.

mike the gardener enterprises urban gardening seed of the month backyard greenhouse organic non gmo
Very informative seed packs. 

I especially love how informative most of the seed packages are themselves. Yeah they include germination times, zone planting dates but what I find the coolest and haven't really seen on different brands of seeds are the notes including caring for the plant, "how" to harvest and probably most important, the Health notes. Have you ever picked up a pack of seeds and thought "hmm wonder what this will provide me?". Ok. Im a little weird but its still cool. Unfortunately not all of the vegetable seed packs include all of these notes, but hopefully they will make that standard print in the future!?

Go get those seeds started!!

Cheers ~ Kevin

For more information or to join the Seed of the Month club click HERE


  1. Best bet is to wait for Black Friday when he puts it on super sale.

  2. This is great! Thank you for sharing. I will passing this information along.

    1. You are very welcome! How can you go wrong!?!?

  3. Wow!


    I woke up and opened my email to find a link to your blog post about our Seeds of the Month Club.

    What a wonderful thing to wake up on a Monday morning and read so many kind words.


    1. Good morning Mike! :-). I'm very happy you liked it and keep up the great work!

  4. I just joined the club a month ago and am very happy with the seeds I've recieved so far and it's less expensive than purchasing them at the store or from a seed catalog...

    1. I agree and how can you go wrong!? The best part is that they are all non gmo


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