Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Plant Signs

Yesterday I showed you how to make chalkboard seed markers and today we are going to take it up a notch and make some really awesome and cheap chalkboard plant signs. I've seen similar signs (although these are not quite as fancy) being sold in the stores for over $3.00 a piece!  These are ideal for single potted plants and can  withstand the elements so long as you label them with a china marker. 

What you will need:
  • jumbo craft sticks -as many as you will want markers. I bought a pack of 75 at Walmart for under $3.00
  • two x one-inch blocks of wood.  I used cut piece of lattice board.  Super cheap option! Cut as many blocks as you want signs.  
  • black chalk board paint if you want your markers to act as a true chalkboard or black matte acrylic if you just want the chalkboard look (I used chalkboard paint because I happened to have some in the house.  You can use either but the chalkboard paint is more expensive).
  • chalk if you use the chalkboard paint and want to be able to reuse the markers.  This option is only for use indoors as the chalk will wash away in the rain.  OR a china marker if you want your text to be permanent (I used a china marker). This option will work well on both the chalkboard paint and the acrylic and will not wash away if subjected to rain and watering. 
  • Hot glue gun or wood glue

Paint the front and sides of your wood blocks with chalkboard or acrylic paint.  Remember you only need to use the chalkboard paint if you are going to be using your signs indoors.  

Generously apply a big glob of hot glue to the top of your craft stick (doesn't Kevin look so manly with the tiny pink glue gun!?)

Quickly apply your craft stick to the BACK of your sign.  I just realized that this picture may be a bit confusing because I said only paint the front and sides....I painted the back on this one for some reason.  
Once the glue on your sign is dry, which only takes a few seconds, start labeling!  Remember, if you are using the signs outdoors use the china marker.  If you are using the plant signs indoors and want to use the chalk to mark them, make sure you use the chalkboard paint. You can use the china pencil on either chalkboard or acrylic paint and the signs will do great outside! 

Happy signing!  

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  1. Thank you for this post. I was searching for an alternative to chalk for outdoor plant labels. A China Marker! How perfect and thank goodness I had one on hand. I linked back to this post for reference on my blog.
    Please feel free to check it out.


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