Saturday, January 12, 2013

Creating a Household Binder/Family Organizer {Part 1}

I have to admit that over the past few days I have been mildly obsessed with starting a "Household Binder" for our family.  Recently life has felt a little hectic and I had finally heard myself say "we need to get more organized"one too many times, so I took to Pinterest to try and find some great ideas on how to become a little more organized.  During my search,  I stumbled across some beautiful Household Binders and was smitten the instant I laid eyes upon them. With guidance from The Flylady, I can vaguely remember throwing together a "Control Journal" in the midst of the chaos that occurred after the birth of my son.  I enjoyed the idea of the journal, but truth be told I NEVER used it.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Flylady, both she and her ideas are really wonderful and if you're  just starting out and feeling overwhelmed by clutter, mess, and disorganization, I would highly recommend seeking her out and reading some of the great information that she has to offer on her website.  The Flylady control journal for me personally was a great starting point, but I really need something that is tailored more to my households needs.  The one thing I will take with me from Flylady and incorporate into My Household Binder is her Zone Cleaning which I'll talk more about later.  As always, this is going to be a learning experience and a work in progress.  I am here to share with you and hopefully inspire some to jump on board and create one with me!  Who's in!?

household binder family organizer printables

What you will need to get started:

household binder family organizer printables

Possible Page Ideas To Include In Your Binder: 
*I am currently creating printables for all of the below ideas*

  • Daily Schedule
  • Weekly Schedule 
  • Monthly Calendar 
  • Important Dates
  • To-Do List {Daily}
  • To-Do List {Weekly}
  • To-Do List {By Person}
  • To-Do List {Do, Call, Email, Buy}
  • Goals List
  • Household Project List 
  • Child Data Sheet
  • Pet Data Sheet
  • School Information
  • After School Activities 
  • Weekend Activities
  • Babysitter Data Sheet
  • Medical Information
  • Internet Password & Login Information
  • Wish Lists {By Person}
  • Daily Cleaning Checklist
  • Zone Cleaning Checklist 
  • Seasonal Cleaning Checklist
  • Car Maintenance 
  • Blog Ideas 
  • Grocery Shopping List 
  • Monthly Bill Pay Checklist 
  • Monthly Budget 
  • Credit Card and ID Information

  • Weekly Menu Planner 
  • Freezer Inventory 
  • Refrigerator Inventory 
  • Pantry Inventory 
  • Takeout Numbers and Menus 
  • Favorite Meals {By Family Member}
  • Exercise Logs 
  • Seasonal Produce Lists
  • Farmers Market Lists
  • Leftover List
  • Medication Lists 

  • Emergency Phone Contact List
  • Medical Professional Contact List
  • Financial Institution Contact List 


  • Movies To See
  • DVDs To Buy
  • Vacation Ideas
  • Packing Lists
  • Bucket Lists

Here is the cover page that I made for my Family Binder.  How CUTE is it!? I printed it on to card stock paper,  slipped it into a page protector and just officially added the first page into my Household Binder! 

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  1. Giving chores not only makes the household run smoother, but it paves the way for successful adulthood. Bravo!

  2. Oh my gosh! Way too cute! These printables are exactly what I've been looking for! Can't wait for the rest! Thanks so much!

  3. Let us know when your printables are ready!


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