Monday, October 15, 2012

Growing Microgreens Grow Along - Part 3

Finally we plant!  It was hard to choose which seeds to start with,  but cilantro is by far the most used herb in my house and I never have luck with it in my garden during the summer.  I later found out that it is also one of the hardest microgreens to grow so here's to hoping it does! ;)

Measure Seeds for Soaking
Most microgreen seeds that grow in soil need to be pre-soaked before planting.  For cilantro we will need one cup of seeds for our tray. 

Pre-Soak Seeds
Fill a large jar or container with with cold water and submerge your seeds. Make sure that there is plenty of water in the  jar/container as some seeds absorb a large amount of water during this step.  Keep your seeds in a cool place while soaking them.  The cilantro seeds that we used were pre-soaked for two hours. 

Prepare Trays with Water
Pour 4 cups of pH balanced water in your growing tray.

Prepare Trays with Soil
Add about an inch to an inch and a half of soil in the growing tray.  

Flatten Soil
Using a spatula, pat the soil flat spread evenly.  Do not compact the soil.

Mist Soil
Spray your soil so it is damp but not soggy. 

Spread Your Seeds
Spread your seeds evenly 

Tamp Seeds
Gently push seeds flat into the soil making sure that the seeds have made contact with the soil.  Do not smash the seeds.  

Mist Tray
Mist the inside of one of the growing trays.  Because microgreens need humidity and darkness to thrive, you will use this tray to black out and keep in humidity on your seeded tray.  

Water and Cover
Cover your seeded tray and place it in a place where it will stay between 65 and 75 degrees.  Do not place the tray in the sun.  Mist your seeds every 12 hours and re-cover.  Our cilantro will not be ready to uncover until day 7.  


  1. Hi, I just came across your blog from another blog list. I haven't tried micro greens yet, but I've tried sprouts and wheat grass. I also grow greens all winter in cold frames, it's nice to have fresh greens year round! I took a look at your "about us" page and we have similar interests - trying to live sustainably on 1/3 acre, backyard farming, raising ducks, chickens and button quail, etc. It's nice to meet other with similar interests! Glad I stopped by!

    1. Hi Rob! Thanks for stopping by! Microgreens were really fun to grow! We had an abundance of cilantro to say the least.


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