Sunday, October 14, 2012

Growing Microgreens Grow Along - Part 2

Balance the pH of Your Water
This first step is VERY IMPORTANT! 
Micgrogreens are very sensitive to the pH of water and will grow best in a water pH of 6.  Although a water pH of 6 is ideal,  the microgreens will do fine in a water pH range of 5.5 to 6.5.  In order to test and adjust the pH of your water, you will need to start by finding what the pH of your water.  You can do this by dipping a pH test strip into the water which you will be using.  In our case, we used the pH test kit that was provided with the Deluxe Microgreens Growing Kit.  You can purchase pH test strips from any health food store or you can order them directly from: 

Our water was as close to a pH of 6 as we could get so we didn't have to adjust our pH levels at all.  If you test your water and find that it does need some adjusting, here are some helpful hints to get your pH levels where you need them to be.

How to Adjust the pH of Your Water

  1. Fill a gallon container with water 
  2. Dip one of the test strips in the water, wait 30 seconds and compare the key on the container to the strip to determine what the pH of your water is.  
  3. Remember you are aiming for a pH of 6, but 5.5 to 6.5 will do just fine.  
If your pH is higher than a 6:

  • You can use a household acid, such as lemon juice to bring down the pH balance of the water.  
  • Start by adding 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice to your gallon of water, mix, and retest.  
  • If your pH is still higher than a 6.5, add more lemon juice and retest until you reach a pH of 6.5 or below 
If your pH is lower than a 6:
  • You can use a household base, such as baking soda or an antacid tablet, to bring up the pH balance of your water.
  • Start by adding small amounts of base to your gallon of water, mix and retest.  Make sure you measure how much base you use for future reference.  
  • Because it is rare for a pH to be lower than 6 your best option may be to purchase a commercial pH adjuster which you can find at a local garden supply store.  

      4.  The amount of household acid or base to adjust the pH levels of your water should be noted.  

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