Friday, September 14, 2012

Just an update from Kevin

Hi all! Just wanted to give you an update since Ive been "missing in action". I have been taking some much needed time off to catch up on some personal time and other work. The 5 Serama chicks are doing great as are the new button quail. Since the weather was a little cold and very wet yesterday, I brought our two little silkie chickens into the shop where they will be kept warm and dry during the upcoming seasons.

Fall means transition time for me at work. I have to switch gears from air conditioning repairs over to heating repairs. This means, inventorying both parts and tools, contacting my regular clients for furnace cleanings, and mentally preparing myself for the cold months ahead.

Recently I have been also doing a little fishing on a local lake. As some may already know, this is my favorite past time aside from spending time with my family. I am going out tomorrow with my brother Frank and on Sunday will be doing a little Musky fishing with an old family friend.

Health wise everyone is doing ok. Devin currently has a cold but this hasn't slowed him down one bit. He, Emily, Autumn and the dogs spent the night on the couch so Devin could sleep sitting up. The challenge has been getting him to blow his nose.

Alright. Short and sweet and I hope to talk with you all very soon!

Cheers ~ Kevin

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  1. Good to hear from you. Thanks for the update. It sounds like you're balancing everything ... good for you! You're in our thoughts and prayers.


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