Friday, September 7, 2012

Homestead Hockey

Turn off the television and grab a chair, because this game is addicting!  Homestead Hockey doesn't require any batteries or power cords, can be played anywhere, and costs only a "penny" to play. Best part is when you are all get to keep your penny.

homestead hockey, penny, hockey, game, board, wood, recycled
The Homestead Hockey game boards are made exclusively by Our Little Coop.
My brothers and I have been playing this game for nearly 20 years.  In my spare time, I build these game boards and sell them at craft fairs.  For the first time ever, I will be adding a link on our site so anyone can purchase one of these game boards online.  They will also be on display in our Etsy store and available for purchase

No two game boards are alike!  

Like most of the other projects I build, these are handmade using only recycled wood.  The playing surfaces are all measured at 16" long by 8" wide making them great for kids to keep in their backpacks.  These boards make great stocking stuffers or a unique gift for any occasion.

homestead hockey, penny, hockey, game, board, wood, recycled
Made entirely from recycled wood, no two games boards "look" the same.

The rules are simple.
This game requires two players, the game itself and a penny.  One opponent flips a coin while the other calls "head" or "tail".  If guessed correctly, that player takes control of the penny (puck).  

homestead hockey, penny, hockey, game, board, wood, recycled
The game begins with the "puck" flicked from between the goal posts.

The game then begins with the player placing the penny slightly hanging over the goal on his side.  At this point the first move is made with the flicking of the penny.  Each opponent takes a turn while trying to score a goal.  The only defensive "players" in this game are the (9) pegs evenly spaced across the board.  If a player flicks the penny off of the playing field, the opposing player takes control of the puck  beginning the round again.  We usually play until the first player makes it to 21 points and in doing so has won the game.  

$10.00 plus S&H.

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