Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Farmtek - sshh... Our little secret!

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I wanted to share with you all what I find to be the Holy Meca of poultry keepers and gardeners.  Most of us have a catalog or webstore we frequent from time to time just to peruse through in awe.  For me it is Farmtek.  Recent I had stumbled upon there site, and gazed upon all its glory looking at the vast array   of gardening, poultry and various agricultural products.  If you don't know, they have literally everything within the confines of the Farmtek catalog.  I stumbled upon thousands of poultry gadgets and equipment, hydroponic gardening supplies, and even pole barns.  When their catalog was sent to me in the mail in was accompanied by a pair of their gardening gloves and sealed in a sample of the foil backed reflective insulation they also sell. 
(Im not ashamed to admit, their catalog has found a permanent place in my home next to my Lazy Boy)

FarmTek Homepage5
*Our Little Coop has recently become an affiliate for Farmtek.  By making a purchase through the Farmtek links on our site, OLC receives a small earning towards our efforts.

Cheers! ~ Kevin


  1. Do you EVER actually sit in that Lazy Boy, Kevin?

  2. Haha good point Kelly! Only after I pull something and need a break.


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