Monday, July 30, 2012

Keep your chickens healthy on the inside.

Provide your chickens probiotics for better health.

It wasn't until the recent battle with the upper respiratory issues our girls have been suffering with, that I had thought about giving them some sort of probiotic.  Typically when "we" get sick enough to be on antibiotics, we will supplement our diets with extra probiotics to help restore the good bacterias in our bodies.  Probiotics are good bacteria that help aid in digestion, and strengthen our immune systems.  Absence of those good bacterias leaves vulnerability to an over abundance of the bad which later leads to illness and poor health.  

*Providing your birds with probiotics from the day they hatch, can prevent them from developing dangerous diseases such as Salmonella. These probiotics also help chicks become healthier adult birds, digest their feed more efficiently for gaining weight and less waste and will also produce healthier eggs for you and your family. 
Probiotics in powdered form, can easily be added to your birds water.

Some people provide their birds with yogurt on a daily basis which is fine.  Like most other folks, I need an easier way to do so.  I find this to be in a powdered form I can easily add to their water. With the current brand I am using, a teaspoon mixed with a gallon of water does the trick. 
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