Friday, July 27, 2012

California Valley Quail

1 Day old California Valley quail chick
California Valley quail plumes on head

California Valley quail are another wonderful bird. They are most recognized by the front drooping plume of hair on the top of their heads. Their plumes are made up of 6 feathers and are black on the males and brown on the females.

California Quail often group themselves in the wild due to their highly social nature. They populate in dense grassland type settings. Unlike most other types of quail, California Valley quail love to perch above the ground at night.


  1. Do you keep these birds with your chickens? Where do you get the eggs or birds?

    1. Hi Teri! We do not keep the chickens and quails together. The eggs are purchased from various breeders. The best place to look is on ebay.


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