Monday, July 16, 2012


The Ancona chicken, first named the Marchegiana, originates from Italy and are named after the seaport Ancona after they were brought by boat to England during the mid 19th century.  Anconas do extremely well in both high and low temperatures and are exceptional egg layers.  

Photo by .Brioso. 

Photo by Dale McNeill

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  1. My family has raised Anconas for 12 years. They are the best layers EVER, laying huge white eggs at least 10 months a year, and laying for 5 or 6 years. Ancona eggs seem to have a thicker albumen, which makes them ideal for egg competitions. My son won best eggs with his Anconas for 3 years at the California State Fair. These birds are very smart, they're excellent at foraging. Our original birds came from Murray McMurray, with a couple of show birds purchased from breeders over the years. They are generally not tame and friendly birds unless you're bringing food.


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