Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No Eggs? Try Golfballs!

On the car ride home from picking up our quails they had laid three eggs on the floor of the dog crate they were in by the time Kevin had pulled in the driveway! We had read that quails weren't picky about where they laid, but were so excited to see them!  Yesterday we were like two little kids checking their box every so often waiting for more.  We waited and waited and checked and checked, but by late afternoon, not a single egg had shown up. A little bummed out, we expressed our concern and disappointment to our neighbor, who just so happens to be my wonderful brother in law, and he suggested we put a golfball in their coop. I thought it was a bit silly but we just so happened to have an old chewed up golfball in the yard, and decided it couldn't hurt. We put the golfball in the coop with the quails, and within 20 minutes we had eggs! I couldn't believe it!

With a little bit of research and some feedback from our awesome Facebook fans, it's seems as though this is a commonly used trick to get your girls to lay eggs. Not only does it help promote egg laying, if you have girls that seem to lay their eggs all over the place and you would like to train them to lay in a specific spot, like you know....the nest boxes that you took the time to build them, throwing in a few golf balls seems to do the trick here as well.  Good things to know I would say! :)

One of our coturnix quails standing guard of the eggs...err golfball and eggs. 

Our golfball.  Isn't it a beauty!? LOL

While you're here, why don't you pick up a few for your girls?! 

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