Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Hen Treats Giveaway

Enter For Your Chance to Win This 10oz Tub of Happy Hen Meal Worm Frenzy! 

To Enter:

1. Like us on Facebook.

2.  Once you like us on Facebook, look just under our banner picture to find the picture above.  Click on it and fill our the official entry form.  The direct link is

3.  Leave us a comment below telling us what your chickens favorite treat is or why you love Our Little Coop!

CONTEST ENDS 6/8/12 at Midnight

The Prize:

Mealworm Frenzy  (10 oz)
Spoil your chickens with the tasty all-natural mealworms found in Happy Hen Treats™ Mealworm Frenzy™.

-The world's first line of treats specifically made for chickens
-Offer chickens the taste they love without the inconvenience of live worms
- Resealable zip top bag for freshness and easy storage

100% natural whole-dried mealworms.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min.) 56.58%, Crude Fat (min.) 18.0%, Crude Fiber (max.) 7.2%, Moisture (max.) 5.0%.

For more information about this and other products visit:


  1. My chickens love bananas the best. I've given them corn on the cob, tomatoes, oats, and lettuce; but they step on each other to get the banana slices when I start tossing them around in the coop.

  2. So far mine LOVE sprouted wheat berries and Mealworm frenzy!

    Sue S

  3. watermelon is a favorite here!
    Dallas F

  4. Mine are only 7 weeks old so I still have another week or so before I go full on with different kinds of treats. However, the LOVE their oatmeal. I love Our Little Coop because you guys literally show everyone that you CAN do chickens and have gardens and be more self sufficient and teach your children where their food comes from REGARDLESS OF SPACE. It is awesome and very inspiring! :) Victoria O.

  5. Ours love worms ...brought some home from a recent fishing trip and they went crazy for them..we have 3 americanas and we plan on gitn 3 your fb page glad to see some other people with the same thing in mind as us..your chickens are beautiful...ours,are named after obstacles from the movie Blade Runner ...priss,Leon and Rachel...good luck ...Danny and samantha

  6. My chickens love meal worms and bits of bread most. But unfortunately for them starches are a rare treat. But they seem to hate all my efforts on good-for-them food.

  7. Our chicken's favorites are fruit and veggie scraps. I also have a few that will jump up and eat bread out of my hand. I love looking at all your wonderful pictures on facebook! :)

  8. Happy Hen Meal Worm Frenzy is a favorite with our chicks, We have been using them as training treats & they work like magic!

    1. Couldn't get my name to show up above,

    2. Me neither !?!?
      My girls just love oats and corn on the cob. I have yet to try mealworms because the fresh ones are so expensive here, $2.25 for 30 :(

  9. Happy Hen treats are a favorite around our hen house. They make a wonderful way of training the chickens and are healthy for them too!

  10. my chickens do love happy hen meal worms, their all time favorite is yogurt!

  11. Our hens love watermelon (seedless) and cucumbers on hot days, and they go crazy for strawberry tops (the best stuff ever!). What a treat to make their day, which in turn they make ours. I love Our Little Coop, because like you we are a young growing family striving to make the best of what we are given, by growing our own food organically, raising chickens and feeding them the best we can, and providing a sustainable, organic, healthy, satisfying and gratifying way of life that will instill in us and our 8 year old the importance of taking care of the things you have been given in life, no matter how small. We love you guys!

  12. Love your page! I love happy hen treats!

  13. Mine love the meal worms Cheri Kaelin @Angel Hill Farm

  14. My chickens love all treats... But Mealworms are their favorite. And I do love your page, Diane from The Lazy Chicken Coop..

  15. Mealworm treats make my hens happy. If my hens are happy, then I'm happy, too!

  16. I love out littl coop...A pleasant forum. it's lovely to sgare our comments and pics and join others who love our little hobby and pets. My baby's so love meal worms...and are so greatful for the treat :-)


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